Meet Gibson (Character Interview)

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Recognise this beautiful face! Hint: it’s not me.

It’s Kellyn Roth! This post is to commemorate her latest book, At Her Fingertipsfrom the series The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy. However, today, we won’t be giving a review of the book — we’ll be featuring Gibson Ashfield. Step on in, Gibson!

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You Are (My Revival)

Well, this blog is being revived. Let’s do this.

I apologise for letting this go. I had to work through a lot of mental and family issues and couldn’t devote as much time to this. However, most of that is settled down now, so you’ll be seeing me here again!

– Sel


Oh my goodness… Breathe is a lot to talk about.

So in between writing AIHIS 1 and 2, I wrote a little nugget called Breathe. It’s not in the AIHIS trilogy or even close – if you’re around in the NaNo roleplaying forum or the Guild of Novelness, you might know what I’m talking about.Read More »

Character Studies – Yina Edition

Hey guys! With my book officially on Amazon, I thought it would be cool to open up a character study on Yina, which anyone is free to do btw (with permission that will most likely be granted anyways).

Yina is a very complex character. With AIHIS V2 in the works, I learn more about her day by day. My blogging time has been eaten up by BTS recently no shame so I’m very excited to get back to this!

Note – I will, at one point, probably release a giant post about BTS. Be warned, my obsession is too great at this point to be stopped. I have officially jimin’d, and I can’t jimout.

Anyways, on to the questions!

  1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    Honestly? I want to go back home, or into a higher place of existing where something has meaning. But mostly, back home. My sister’s dress has pulled me there ever since I took it.
  2. You found a time machine. Past or future?
    Past, definitely.
  3. Would you visit your author’s world? (Isn’t it fun to break the fourth wall?)
    Um… no. Frankly, it sounds like a mess.
  4. You just won a free week on a cruise. Describe how the week plays out.
    Oh gods, no. I – I can’t captain ships anymore. Not now, not after everything that’s happened. Honestly, just being on ships makes me sick, so I’d probably give it to Chiyo and Ji-Li.
  5. You just won a free ticket to a concert. Who’s playing?
    I don’t listen to music anymore.
  6. If/when you go on vacation, who would you take with you? (Pets absolutely count.)
    Honestly, vacation is an odd word. If I went on holiday, I’d probably take Aberfa, since she doesn’t possess the basic human faults.
  7. What would ruin a vacation for you?
    Ugh… being on it, honestly. The only holiday I’ve ever been on was when my sister was still really young, so I’m not fond of them. Not much could ruin a vacation for me, but being on it with Chiyo and Ji-Li would definitely ruin the mood.
  8. Do you get homesick?
    I’m not really the one best suited for this question. It has several meanings, too. You could mean to ask if I miss being home, miss who was at home with me, or miss the surroundings. Really, you have to be more specific.
  9. At the beach, are you in the water getting pummeled by waves or in the sand making sandcastles?
    Can I.. I’m not required to answer this, am I?
  10. Bonus: Cupcakes or brownies?


This Blog Post’s AIHIS Quote iiiiiiis *drumroll*

“I will build a fortress ten miles high for you, my love. I promise.”
– Yina


The End (For Now)

Well, that took a long time.

With the end of River of Silence comes the end of a long journey and the beginning of a new one. I’m plunging right into the next one – whose title will come out with the cover, which should be out around late November.

*breaths in* *breaths out*

This is the part of the blog that I’m not entirely sure of posting, I’m not completely sure I should be asking this, but…




So I’m publishing a book and I’d absolutely love it if some of you guys would help me in a blog tour.

It’s probably not going to be very big (seeing as there’s not a lot of you) but just something to kind of spread the word that this is happening! Also, I think it’d be fun.

If that’s something you, a blogger, would be interested in – please email me!

This was a short post, but I don’t have anything else to say, really.

Stay lovely,