First blog post

This is seriously cool. I have never done a blog, or thought of doing a blog, or frankly WANTED to do a blog, until my good friend showed me this.

Who is my good friend, you ask? Why

None other than the incredible… the amazing… famous, widely known author… KELLYN ROTH!

(Cheers, applause)

Anyway, here’s some information about me:

1) I am a Christian and I am open about it.

2) I am a teenager, and I am a girl.

3) I take martial arts and am very skilled in pushing the “delete” button on any rude comments.

4) No, I do not have social media. No, I do not intend to get some anytime soon.

5) On that note, I do have a Wattpad… ScarletArrowKitty.

6) I’m running out of things to say.

7) Yes, I am a writer. No, I don’t have any published works yet. Yes, I’m working on it. Yes, you should totally get my book once it’s published. 😉

8) Yes, I am very capable of being sarcastic.

9) My favorite colors are purple, red, green, and black.

10) I made it to ten things! Only three more to go. Are you wondering “why 13?” Well, it’s because on Wattpad a friend tagged me with 13 questions and now I’m in a 13 question mood.

11) I have two cats, Twix and Magellan. I might do a blog post about them sometime.

12) yesterday, I spent the  entire day making first through third year schedules for Slytherin, using Google, wiki, other random sites, and (of course) the books themselves.

13) I am African-German-American.

I’ll try to make a blog post on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and a religious post on Sunday. Key word: try.

See you next time!


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