Almost as hard a coming up with the book itself is coming up with characters for it. It’s the struggle of “What characters are fit for this novel?? What gender should they be? What name should they have? AAAAAAAAAAAH!”

Death: July 15th, 2016

Cause of Death: worrying too much about characters

How to avoid this untimely death? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, I’m going to tell you:


First of all, decide on a novel and stick to it. That’s coming up in this blog post’s sequel. Changing novels willy-nilly doesn’t help anybody and it won’t help you.

Second of all, if you do decide to change novels, leave the characters where they are unless they seriously bug you.Moving the characters from one place to another will mess him or her up, and that’s bad.

But Selene, you say, how do I know what characters to use?

Excellent question, reader. It’s quite simple:

If you have to create the character, it’s not the right one. The right character presents itself to you, trust me. Named or unnamed, he or she will sneak into your head sometimes even months before the story arrives. They will come into your head and annoy the heck out of you. If you have to work too hard to create the character, it’s not the right one.

But how do you know what story to put the character in?

Also an excellent question.

Believe me. The character will fall into place right where you need him or her. Don’t force it or oppose it. Your character knows what’s best for the novel. And if you do oppose it, your character will leave you awake all night and annoy the heck out of you.

But what should I name the character?

All excellent questions, you smart reader you! Give the character a name that means something, especially if the novel is centered around the character’s struggle with self-doubt, or if you decide to make up the name… give it meaning.

For example, the name “Casya” means empty and/or vain. The character could be struggling with pride, her tendency to be condescending/bullying others, looking for more in life than just a pretty face, etc. See? I just gave you an idea, didn’t I?

One of the meanings of the name “Alyssa” is honorable. One of the meanings of the name “Em” is emerald, making my character Alyssa Em Honorable Emerald. Alyssa Em, even when she is kidnapped in my book, Darkriver, tries to uphold the honor of Moon Academy and resists the evil that tries to consume her, truly making her a valuable gem.

The name “Sude” is one that I made up, meaning sly. The name “Johan” means champion. Therefore, the name Johansude means Sly Champion, which he certainly is!

You get the point, you smart reader you. Go eat a cookie. (::)

I believe this wraps things up for today. Go get to know your characters! See you in the next post!

Signing off,





One thought on “Characters

  1. *smiles* CASYA!!! Even though in my version the meaning of her name is cinnamon…which doesn’t really mean anything in tie with the story 😉


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