Violet Spring Writing #1

Welcome back, pals and writing buddies! I’m sure you noticed the odd title “Violet Spring Writing #1”. What’s Violet Spring Writing #1? Are there going to be more? BUT WHAT IS IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? D:

So, I’ll be addressing this odd title along with three teams! What three teams, you ask?

Team Dragon.

Team Butterfly.


Team Damselfly. (Look it up. A Damselfly is a real thing. LOOK IT UP.)

Now, why are these important? Let me tell you.

In order to apply to be in one of these teams, send me a sample of your writing using a writing prompt I will display below. Depending on how you answer, I will sort you (to my own discretion) into one of these teams.

Then, a few times a week, I will release a new writing prompt. It is your job to write a little something, at least 300 words, based off of that writing prompt. Then, you send it into me – either by leaving a link to a blog post containing the small something, or by leaving it here. Each time you follow the instructions, your team gets a point! AND you get a bonus five points if your team works together to make the little something. Also, each time you nominate someone to be a part of this in a blog post, you get five extra points! Five points for every single person. The first team to reach 100 points wins! “What do I win,” you ask? Well, you’ll see 😉

As the owner of this competition, I have taken it upon myself to nominate people. Since NaNo season is coming up, your team gets a bonus five points if you can somehow work the writing prompt into your novel!

My Nominations are…

Kellyn Roth! (No surprise there, old friend)

Solaice Skier!



Here’s the application form:


Under or over 18?:

Will you dedicate any time that you can spare to this project?:

Writing sample:


And here is your writing prompt for the team sorting!

You’re travelling in a forest when, all of a sudden, you see a an odd sort of creature stalking you. What happens next?

Can’t wait to see your entries!

(List will always be updated)

Team Dragon:

Team Butterfly:

Team Damselfly: Penelope


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