My Character Shop

Do you have a YWP NaNo account? If so, view the shop here!

If not, I’ll copy the text in this blog post!

Hello! I’m Sel, a fellow Wrimo struggling through the adventures of high school. However, here I sell characters! Now, take note: I’m selling them, not giving them away. My payment is you including the word “Cookies” in the Other section of your form! I take up to six spots in the queue, and I accept up to three changes.

I am a terrible artist, but I have recently found a game that is wonderful for making characters to a T. That is how I have made several characters, and I have been more than satisfied with the result, so I’d like to make other people’s characters as well! So here’s the Form!

Character Name:

Character Age:



Hair and Eye Colour:

Hair style:

Species (human, elf, and hybrid):

Facial Scars:



Any weapons/wings/fancy ears?:

Choker/outer necklace?:



Any specific background for the drawing? (Forest, night sky, etc.)?:

Where is this character from (book, location?)?:

Any other information?:




“How do I order,” you ask? Well, it’s simple. Simply reply with the form questions answered. I’ll be posting the finished ones here for your enjoyment!
Thanks for reading,

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