New Years Resolutions!?

Let’s be honest: I have never made New Years Resolutions. I believed that they were a waste of time and effort. They would drain away my energy as I spent 2017 narrowed down on a few goals I had for the year in its entirety! Then, if I managed to somehow actually complete all of these goals, what would I do? Have an existential crisis?

In case you were wondering, I’m mid-crisis right now. Fun, isn’t it? 😐

Anyways, Dan Howell did a YouNow stream yesterday and watching that has brightened my week significantly. I actually did well  on the biology test today… I think…

But this 2017 I actually bothered to make resolutions, so I thought “why not share them with the small world of my followers and encourage them to face the task as well?”

So, what are my resolutions? Let’s find out.

You clicked “Read More”. Congratulations. You deserve a cookie.

Resolutions here!

  1. Never be more than 5 hours late to a Dan/Phil/Blimey Cow video. Exceptions: work, because there’s no WiFi; school if the WiFi is down; and travelling.
  2. Get The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire.

Don’t judge me. I’ve been pulled into the Phandom and I can’t get out.

3. No/less than 70 SH, and no S.

4. Grow closer to Heavenly Father.

5. Get more into social media. For example: Instagram and tumblr. I already have Pinterest.

6. Publish a book! Haven’t done it yet. I’m working on a project with my sis now that we’re hoping to publish later in the year. However, I’ll make that post later. *wink*

7. Re-learn Swahili.

8. If it’s possible, see Pentatonix in concert.

9. If it’s possible, meet Dan and Phil.

10. Become more confident.

So, I think that’s about it – the ten unattainable things, my Mount Everest.

Oh, I nearly forgot – it was my birthday on Sunday. I feel so old 😛

I’m starting driving lessons now… I’ve recently been paying more attention to when other people drive (as well as rules) so… we’ll see how this goes.

I have a YouNow, and it’s SelHowlter if you were wondering. I’ve changed my Google+ name to Sel H., but my NaNo user is still ThatOneWriterGirl… for now.

Farewell, my lovelies! Until the next post.

(I need to start calling you something. I’ll think about it.)



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