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We had a very cold winter. It got all the way down to 40 degrees! Unbelievable.

Now, it’s about 70 or so. We’re getting into springtime, yay!

Can you believe that it’s already March? Time has passed so quickly! I have three dance recitals this weekend – two on Saturday, one on Sunday – and I’m definitely freaking out. I’m excited to be able to glorify God through dance, but at the same time I’m freaking out because I have one day until the goshdarn show.

If you read my last blog post that I did yesterday (or the day before… or last week… what is time) then you’ll notice that I accidentally slipped something: I’m publishing a book in the fall.

That was incorrect. I’m aiming to publish it kind of midsummer.

Honestly, I might finish it this month and get right into the editing process in April (Not you, McLauren, the month).

But here is the purpose of me telling you this: I’m having a bookcover contest!

I don’t care if you think your art is crap. I don’t care if your art actually is crap. My art is crappier than yours, which is why I accept all people to enter! Please comment on this post if you’re willing to enter, and send your covers to me at catalto1@gmail.com !

I have a hardcover front already, but I need a back for the hardcover (you have two summaries to choose from, lucky ducks) and a front and back for the paperback!

Your deadline is April 1st. In those days and at that time, I will make a righteous branch sprout from David’s line, and he will do what is just and right in the lands… wait. Wrong thing!

On that day, I will look at the entries and decide what I’ll do. I’d appreciate it if you based your front cover on the one that I have now… obviously it doesn’t have to be the exact same, but something like that would be nice.

You don’t have to do both a front and back cover. HOWEVER, I will keep in contact with the people who won and expect them to do spine dimensions for both hardcover and paperback, so… yeah. If you do a back cover (and winners, when you do spines) please keep the same colour scheme. Thanks!


Summary One:

After her mother’s divorce, Elissa Grayson moved to the other side of town, into a small apartment. The move combined with the transition from middle to high school was a nightmare, but she kept most of her friends.

However, when Elissa discovers a secret crystal in her backyard, she is plunged into a neverending war against an unbeatable enemy. But maybe… the answer is simpler than it seems.

Summary Two:

Liss is a normal girl in a normal world, just trying to navigate her first year of high school without utterly crashing. But then whispers appear, warning her to find a stone before the darkness controls them all. But when she finds the Stone, she accidentally brings to life a war that had been fought for centuries. As the battlefield slowly becomes her everyday life, how does she know who is friend or foe, and can she learn to control the White Room before it’s too late?

Signing off for now (and looking forward to your entries),



6 thoughts on “Random Post

  1. I didn’t comment on your last post (sorry!), so this is a longish comment … forgive me for the longness.

    Ooh, a cover contest! I might try (even though, yes, my art is awful!) because … apparently it doesn’t matter if your art is awful in this contest! πŸ™‚ Anyway, that sounds like a great book. I’m looking forward to seeing the other covers people come up with for the contest.

    So, not to undermine your winter … but 40 degree is not cold, girl!!! It was been -6 here! Like, for days on end! Yeah, we’re having a freaky cold winter in Oregon. It literally hasn’t snowed this much before in my lifetime. Well, not since I was like 6 months old anyway. However, most of the snow has melted now and we’re getting some nice warm temperature … 60 some days. πŸ˜›

    It’s so awesome that you’re publishing a book!!! I know you can do it! In fact, you’re gonna do it so amazingly! Good luck! πŸ˜€


    • It doesn’t matter if your art is stick figures or not, especially since this cover doesn’t have people. My art’s mainly stick figures, so… yeah πŸ˜›

      I know! 40 degrees is cold for this part of Texas, though. Most are winters are in the 50-70 degree area, so this was unusually cold. I think we even got some ice in late December.

      Thanks for the encouragement! I need it. I was actually just about to send you an email asking about editing and blog tours and whatnot, since you’ve done that before. Thanks for commenting!

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