New York Videos! Not

Well, my original plan was to show you guys some videos I made while in New York. Not! Apparently I have to upgrade to the Premium plan to do so, which costs $9.00 a month. Since I don’t haave $9.00 a month, guess what? No videos for you!


I’m planning to start up a YouTube channel! In this channel, I would upload videos of my playing (and failing) video games (possibly with a girlfriend, who knows), but I could also upload these New York Videos without a problem!

However, I am lacking a few things in order to start this YouTube channel:

  • Parental Consent (if dan worked around it, I’m sure I could too)
  • Parental Consent (…)
  • Parental Consent (I suppose this is becoming a bit of a problem now, isn’t it?)
  • Talent (whoops)

So I guess I might not start this channel. HOWEVER (here we go again)

I started a JOINT google account with a friend of mine. So could I upload a video through that?

What am I lacking?

Don’t answer that please I need confidence

I’m not sure why I’m telling you this anyways? It’s not like you actually care or anything… but oh well I belileve in me (lol nope)

Signing off for now, I guess!



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