Meet Gibson (Character Interview)

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Recognise this beautiful face! Hint: it’s not me.

It’s Kellyn Roth! This post is to commemorate her latest book, At Her Fingertipsfrom the series The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy. However, today, we won’t be giving a review of the book — we’ll be featuring Gibson Ashfield. Step on in, Gibson!

Hello, Gibson! How’re you doing today?
I’m doing quite well, thank you. *nods* At least as well as one can be when your mother hates you and your father has abandoned your mother …
Ah, that sounds… nice. What’s your color of choice?
As in … what I wear? Or what’s my favorite color? *arches eyebrows* You really ought to be more specific, darling. I generally wear blacks, of course – occasionally a colorful waistcoat, but I’m no dandy. As for color of choice, probably blue or green.
I’ll work on my clarity of questions for your sake, Mr. Ashfield. Tell us a little about yourself?
Very well. I live in London, England with my parents. I’m nineteen years old, and I’m looking for a wife. And yes, I do realize I’m quite young – for a man, at any rate – to be looking into matrimony, but I’m ready. And I would like to get out of this house. Though of course that doesn’t have anything to do with my parents. Everything is all right there …
Where do you see yourself going in the future, then?
I hope to marry and have a family. I hope at least a son and a few daughters, though more would be nice. It will be all right. We’ll be the perfect family.
I respect your familial ideals. However, speaking of ideals, do you believe that water is wet? Why or why not?

Yes, I do. Because it’s water. Water is, by its very definition, wet. Never mind that it makes itself wet.  Or that it is in itself wetness. When water falls on my head (say when it’s raining), I get wet – if it makes me wet, it must be wet.

I recommend some scientific articles on whether or not water is truly wet 😉 How would you define your relationships with the other characters?
It depends on the character. Miss Knight, of course, I would like to marry. Peter Strauss seems like a nice enough fellow, but terribly moralizing. I love my parents, but we have … problems. Other than that, I don’t interact with a great many people. At least not on an intimate level.
I respect that as well. Emotional intimacy should be cherished and saved, in my opinion. I apologise for Mr. Strauss. Do you have any phobias? Anything you’d shy away from?
No, of course not.
Well, maybe snakes. No one likes snakes. Snakes are bad.
And … maybe becoming my father. (Wait, who said that? Wasn’t me? *whistles nonchalantly*)
I’m rather afraid of that too, Mr. Ashfield. I think many people are.
How would you describe yourself from someone else’s point of view?
An incredibly handsome, sophisticated, charming, amusing, suave, and intriguing. The type of fellow I’d like to spend time with if I do say so myself. *grins*
It’s nice to see self-confidence! Name three of your favorite things.
1: Shooting. Not necessarily shooting animals. Target practice is nice as well.
2: Talking with amusing people. Especially Miss Knight. She’s so clever and yet … different.
3: I enjoy riding, but I don’t know if it’s one of my favorite things …
Honestly, I don’t have a lot of hobbies. Other than flirting and dancing, of course, which hardly count.
I think that’s a matter of opinion, really. Anything else you’d like to say?
Not really. I have my own Facebook account here where you’re welcome to send me a message or comment on my posts. It looks stunning, doesn’t it? I love my “cover photo.” This “social media” is so intriguing. I could spend hours on here reading peoples’ profiles.
Which is what I’ve been doing.
All day.
Some people have very interesting lives, let me tell you …
I suppose I would like to say, “Thank you for the interview and may your ‘blogging’ days be merry.”
Thank you, Mr. Ashfield. It was a pleasure having you!
That was Gibson Ashfield, everyone! Please make sure to check out Ms. Roth’s blog and author website (both linked to above) and buy At Her Fingertips!

Debutante ​Alice Knight has a plan: have her first social Season in London, meet her husband, and marry him. As the Season begins, Alice’s feelings and common sense both begin to undermine her goals. But she must stick to her plan—and everyone, including God, had best stay out of it.

The plan looks even less appealing when a childhood friend reappears, an American author shows her a different kind of faith, and a charming gentleman is not all he should be.

The life she longs for is finally at her fingertips, but how can she know it’s the right one?


Doesn’t it just spark interest? It’s truly a wonderful summary!

Please do check it out, it’s a wonderful book!

This blog post’s Little Voices: Us quote is…

 I was his adventure, the second hand on his clock.

~ Sel


7 thoughts on “Meet Gibson (Character Interview)

  1. Hi Sel! *coughs* I, um, just got around to commenting on peoples’ posts.

    ANYWAY … this was a great interview! I absolutely love it. Several people commented on it when I shared it on social media, just so you know, and said it was fun and thoughtful! ❤ Thanks for the amazing questions, girl!


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