Why Is it So Dam Cold

No, people, I’m not cursing. I’m on an island, so the “dam” joke applied to the situation.

I walked about two miles today in the cold, unforgiving snow of New York. I got uncountable amounts of ice dropped into my eyes from the sky, and I wrapped my face tightly in my hoodie. My very eyeballs were cold from being out in the 36 degrees of cold.

I honestly don’t understand how you people stand it being so cold so late in the year. Back home, it’s 80 degrees, and here I am wearing 2-3 layers of clothing.

However, despite the cold, I managed to get a few pictures and three videos! I’m going to post them over the course of the next few days, so be on the lookout for some New York action!20170318_070438

A Light in the Darkness. Taken by me on the plane in the wee hours of the morning.20170318_070515

A Strip of Sunrise – taken by me about a half hour afterwards.


sNOW!? – taken by me several hours later.

Hope you enjoyed these!



Violet Spring Writing #1

Welcome back, pals and writing buddies! I’m sure you noticed the odd title “Violet Spring Writing #1”. What’s Violet Spring Writing #1? Are there going to be more? BUT WHAT IS IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? D:

So, I’ll be addressing this odd title along with three teams! What three teams, you ask?

Team Dragon.

Team Butterfly.


Team Damselfly. (Look it up. A Damselfly is a real thing. LOOK IT UP.)

Now, why are these important? Let me tell you.

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Woo! It’s time for the seasonal GIRLPOWER awards that I just started and am super nervous about because it’s my first ever award and don’t know if it’ll catch on!

So! These are the nominees:

Loren: Happy House of AG

Kellyn Roth: Reveries


Cora and Calli: coraandcalli.wordpress.com

All of you must write a blog post containing a (at least) 300 word blobĀ about your favorite thing/book/person in the world. It can be a story about unicorns, a fanfiction based off Harry Potter, a love letter to coffee, or whatever – but it has to be a one-shot. Also, link me to the post in the comments.

Also, I am pretty positive that all of you are girls. However, if one of you are not a girl, please contact me immediately and I will remove you from the nominations. This is a girls-only award.

Your post has to be done by August 15th. All of you will come in places, 1st-4th. There is no significant prize except bragging rights.

The Leibster Award


Okay, so, I was tagged with an award by Kellyn Roth. I can’t really do it, because I only know one person on here and not eleven, so… yeah.

11 more random facts about me! What does that make this… 24? You guys are going to know me really well…

14) I don’t know of anything else to tell you guys, you already know me so well. Um…

15) I’m Attention deficit.

16) I’m ot a fan d autocorrect.r

17) I have recently been turning into a girl. My Disney-obsessed friends are very excited.

18) I’m still not obsessed with Disney, friends. Not going to happen. I mean, like, where was the bathroom in Rapunzel’s tower? Why did all of the action happen on the top floor? Why was there only one floor?

19) I like CinemaSins.

20) I watch The Greatest Adventure: Stories From The Bible. It’s good, you guys should check it out.

21) I prefer pineapple pizza over cheese pizza.

22) firealpaca is my artist. My people are sticks that couldn’t win the stick people contest.

23) yes, I do have a job.

24) my name is Selene. Betcha didn’t know that!

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