To the Christian Who is Always Strong, It’s Time to Admit You are Weak.

This goes out to all of the people I know irl. All of them. I’m looking at one of them specifically. Not you, Kathleen.
Thank you, writer, for such a wonderful post.

Christ Centered Girls

People send me letters and messages from all over the world, saying how strong I am and how I have inspired them to be strong too. Although I am flattered by their words, I don’t see it that way. If you only knew that every leap of faith I take has the gift of fear waiting at my door, or that the fight you see me never lose is running off of fumes, you would see that I am really…weak.

When you are a Christian and the world is really a war in disguise, I think we sometimes put this unbearable weight upon our shoulders thinking we have to keep lifting it in order to keep going. Like this boulder is the source of our energy, or the fuel that drives us. That boulder represents all the heart ache, and suffering we go through. As time goes on this…

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Food for Thought: A Christian Discussion Center

This is a chain of posts that I’m starting, entitled FOT for short. It provides questions that Christians can look up, read the answers in the Bible, and grow stronger in their faith.

Question one: “What kind of a well-meaning God fights our battles for us? Aren’t we supposed to fight our own battles? Is God too controlling? Is Christianity a controlling religion?”

That last question, we debated on Sunday. Using examples from the Bible, we drew a conclusion that no, Christianity isn’t a controlling religion.

What are your thoughts on this entire matter? Is it good that God fights our battles for us, or is it not? What are some examples from the Scriptures that back up your arguments? Please share them in the comments, I love to hear from fellow Christians. Even non-Christians can chime in… do you think Christianity is a controlling religion?

Church 6/12/16

Today in church we focused on 1 John 2:3-6. The priest shared an experience of when he was younger and just starting out on his priesthood, he was in the court as a witness testifying that a man had tried to murder him a few days previous. The priest then explained that Satan attacks us, but Jesus pleads our case to his Father, the ultimate Judge. However, even before our trials Satan has been sentenced to an eternity in Hell, proving God’s grace, that He is all-knowing and all-powerful.

We also learned that God forgives us for all of our sins if we trust and obey him. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice, however we can only truly receive God’s blessings if we confess our sins and believe in our hearts that the Bible is true, and study the teachings and testimonies of his followers.

John 15:12 says: “This is My commandment, that you love one another as I loved you.”

The speaker is Jesus. This Scripture teaches us that just as Christ loved us enough to die for us, ultimately shedding his holy blood to cleanse us and wrap us in his righteousness, so we must love everybody in honor of Christ’s love for us.

Matthew 5:44 says: “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

Again, the speaker is Jesus. Basically, that means that if people are mean to you, or openly hate you – or even the terrorists, since they are our enemies – we just pray for them and love them like a family member, because Christ died for everybody, not just a select few or those who were there.

Even now, the Holy Spirit is active. We must love and pray for everyone, even people we don’t like. The Holy Spirit sometimes sends us reassurance in the form of visions and dreams, and I can personally testify to that.

That is what we learned today. I hope you enjoyed it, all of you  Christians/non-Christians who happen to be reading this.

God Bless,

~Selene Silver, The Church of the People of God