Minor Characters!

So, you’ve heard about main characters and seen pictures of THEM, but not some of my favorite minor characters! My first picture will be of Florence Lawrene, who also appears in my Harry Potter fanfiction.

svgA562907599690089She has multicolored eyes, wavy copper-colored hair, likes to wear ruffles, and is a Ravenclaw.

svgA7659979196348459Lilith is a muggle-born half-Asian Hufflepuff.

svgA3333258360498015Ryan is Larissa’s younger brother. He is a first year during her third year.

svgA6486087517609489Aislin also appears in my newest, almost-published book The Shadowbirds. She is classified as a youngling, being under five hundred years old.


svgA5806240434063843And last (but not least) is Emma Wespurt, whose intelligence rivals that of Hermione Granger and is a Ravenclaw.


Unfortunately, I do have sad news. I will not be able to post again until after June 26th. I will be active from time to time on YWP NaNo and on Camp NaNo, but I simply don’t have the time to post.

Character Headshots!

I made these at this awesome place right here that you should totally check out!

This first character image is Scarlet Arrow/Holmes/Lestrange (she exists in all three fandoms). She appears in my pjo fanfiction Arrow that you should also totally check out (shameless self advertising).svgA6689669751577596 Tada!

The second and  are both from my newer Harry Potter fanfiction and I love them dearly. The first is Amelia, and the second is Larissa.



And then, of course let’s not forget the star of my latest novel…


And the star of my Camp NaNo novel…


And then, of course, there’s my side novel star…

svgA17761656872722353Alice Kirk.


I believe that’s everybody. Have a good week, everybody!