New Years Resolutions!?

Let’s be honest: I have never made New Years Resolutions. I believed that they were a waste of time and effort. They would drain away my energy as I spent 2017 narrowed down on a few goals I had for the year in its entirety! Then, if I managed to somehow actually complete all of these goals, what would I do? Have an existential crisis?

In case you were wondering, I’m mid-crisis right now. Fun, isn’t it? 😐

Anyways, Dan Howell did a YouNow stream yesterday and watching that has brightened my week significantly. I actually did well  on the biology test today… I think…

But this 2017 I actually bothered to make resolutions, so I thought “why not share them with the small world of my followers and encourage them to face the task as well?”

So, what are my resolutions? Let’s find out.Read More »

My Character Shop

Do you have a YWP NaNo account? If so, view the shop here!

If not, I’ll copy the text in this blog post!

Hello! I’m Sel, a fellow Wrimo struggling through the adventures of high school. However, here I sell characters! Now, take note: I’m selling them, not giving them away. My payment is you including the word “Cookies” in the Other section of your form! I take up to six spots in the queue, and I accept up to three changes.

I am a terrible artist, but I have recently found a game that is wonderful for making characters to a T. That is how I have made several characters, and I have been more than satisfied with the result, so I’d like to make other people’s characters as well! So here’s the Form!Read More »

Food for Thought: A Christian Discussion Center

This is a chain of posts that I’m starting, entitled FOT for short. It provides questions that Christians can look up, read the answers in the Bible, and grow stronger in their faith.

Question one: “What kind of a well-meaning God fights our battles for us? Aren’t we supposed to fight our own battles? Is God too controlling? Is Christianity a controlling religion?”

That last question, we debated on Sunday. Using examples from the Bible, we drew a conclusion that no, Christianity isn’t a controlling religion.

What are your thoughts on this entire matter? Is it good that God fights our battles for us, or is it not? What are some examples from the Scriptures that back up your arguments? Please share them in the comments, I love to hear from fellow Christians. Even non-Christians can chime in… do you think Christianity is a controlling religion?