The End of The Middle

Well this took an unnecessarily long time to work up to.

I’ve been working on the same two chapters for over a month. However, during today’s NaNo Write-In, I broke through my writer’s block and fully began my 15th chapter, “Hospitality.” I’m nearing the end!

I wanted to be at this point last month. Oh well…

Anyways, it’s time to broadcast my need for editors! People near and far, north-ish, south-ish, westy, easty, or kinda in between… are you good at catching typos and grammatical mistakes? Are you good at reading stories and giving overall feedback and constructive criticism? Please sign up here to be a part of my editing team! Announcements for my blog tour will be up as soon as my book has gone about two-thirds of the way through its editing process, so look out for that!

Guess what? I’m making a phone number (generated randomly from an app, not my actual number) specifically for this blog and my author-ness! That will become open once I’ve finished setting it up. You’ll be able to text or call me with any questions, requests, and if you just want to chat more efficiently and informally than email. Because this is just an app, it only works on WiFi, so I won’t always be able to respond right away. Note: this is just an idea, so what do you guys think about it?

At the moment, River of Silence is at 25,001 words. Awesome right? At the Write-In today, Maddi read a small paragraph from my book that I put in the chat. I’m not at expert at Write-Ins, but as far as I can tell, whether your snippet gets read or not is usually just based off of if they see it or not, not necessarily talent. Not saying that people whose snippets are read aren’t talented, I just meant… um… ugh.


Happy Wednesday! WordPress scheduling isn’t working for me, yay! There was a Happy Tuesday post supposed to go up yesterday, but oh well.

The sea beast is dragged off of the boat, and for a final moment, I look into its eyes, searching for some sort of light that would show me that it is still alive. The beast thrashes wildly, but there is no light.



Hiya, Kell!

It’s that time of year again! Kellyn Roth is an aspiring teen author going above and beyond with two books this year instead of one! Yes, one is a re-write, but we’re skipping the details and simply bumbling in awe. What a truly fabulous person! Surely, she’s some sort of goddess.



If you think that, you’ve obviously never met Kell here. Well, we should fix that, shouldn’t we? Let’s do so. Give it up for Kellyn Roth, y’all!

Hi Kellyn! Nice to have you back on Hearth!

Nice to be here, Sel! I really appreciate your support! ❤

Let’s go right to it! Tell us a bit about yourself, Kellyn.

Well, I’m a homeschooled highschooler from North-Eastern Oregon who spends her spare time writing books, three of which have now been published. I love the colors pink, lilac, red, and green. But especially pink. Pink is awesome.

And … I love animals. And good movies/TV shows. And reading … lots of reading.. And soccer, especially if I’m allowed to be ruthless. I’m an ISTP with some INTJ-ness in me. That’s about all I can think of just now, though there is much more. Most of it you can find out by reading my blog,

That’s pretty cool! I’m an INTP with INFP qualities, accordimg to Windu over here. Did I get that right, Winds?

So, tell us a bit about your books! What were some inspirations you stumbled on that led to The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective?

The Dressmaker’s Secret came from wanting to write about the backstory of a character from another book (which, thankfully, shall never be published). Ivy Introspective came from wanting to write a book about the twin sister of Alice (the main character of TDS).

However, I think much of the inspiration for TDS came from wanting to show a child’s need for a complete family. IvIn, on the other hand, came from my interest in mental disabilities/whatever you want to call them (I don’t know if they’re always necessarily disabilities! They can be good, too!) such as autism and ADHD.

I think it’s pretty neat that you’re tackling subjects like that in your writing. They’re lacking in good books nowadays.

Who are some characters you’re really proud of in your two books?

I love Alice. Even though she has some problems at the start of TDS, she goes on to be a better person. I’m also proud of Ivy for becoming the awesome girl I always knew she was. And Miss Chattoway for just hanging on. And … the list goes on. Quite honestly, I’m ridiculously proud of all my characters.

That’s good! If you can’t be proud of your characters, your readers can’t, either. That’s actually my biggest struggle in writing – creating good characters and developing them properly.

What’s the most in-depth research you’ve ever had to do for writing a book?

I think it was researching mental illnesses/disabilities/etc. for IvIn. I mean, I’ve had to do a lot of research on the Underground Railroad and various illnesses for one of my current projects, Once a Stratton, but I think the IvIn research was a little harder.

That’s to be expected. Research like that is prety hard!

What is your proudest achievement so far, writing-wise?

Very few people have read it, but I love my book, At Her Fingertips. It’s The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, Book 3, and I think it’s pretty good. Of course, that’s my conceited author opinion. I think it had something to do with writing 65K in a month and it not being totally awful.

Wow! I don’t think I could ever write 65K in a month!

In writing your two books – or in one case, re-writing – what has been your proudest moment?

Hmm … that’s a hard one. I think the proudest moment was when I was writing TDS, and it all just seemed to come together. That was a great moment. I got it all figured out, and it just made sense, y’know?

Isn’t that an amazing feeling! I’m more of a plotter, so it’s nice when everything goes according to plan.

How has your blog affected your writing, and vice versa?

I think my blog has affected my writing by showing me how to write consistently and on a schedule – and how to be creative on demand. Also, talking about my writing makes me want to write!

My writing has affected my blog simply because, well, I try to use my voice as much as possible in my posts … so my readers won’t pick up a copy of my books and go, “Wait … is this the same Kell?” 😉

Well, the majority of your followers love your vlogs. What was your motivation for starting them?

Because everyone needs more of my face! 😛

Not really. I think the real reason was because I wanted to do something special for the blog tour of TLOTV … but I couldn’t think of anything! So I pulled up “web camera” on my laptop, switched to video, and started talking. Then I set up a YouTube channel … and voila!

I don’t claim to be an actual vlogger – I’m just not that confident on-screen, and I don’t have much to say – but I enjoy it, and I hope my followers enjoy it a little, too. 🙂

We definitely like it!

Now, your followers know that you live on a ranch in Oregon. Some bloggers who are also writers prefer to be more discreet about their location. What are some reasons why you’ve chosen to be more open?

Well, I do believe you should be safe on the internet. I don’t give out my address or social security number for sure … however, I feel like a part of me is lost if I don’t say where I’m from. I’m an Oregonian – more specifically an Eastern/country Oregonian.

I don’t mind people knowing that much, especially as any stalker would have to search 98,466 square miles to find me in this state. Although I admit I’ve narrowed it down somewhat by staying I’m in the Eastern half. Still, there’s more Eastern than Western Oregon! 😛

Nice safety talk! Things like that really are lacking in society nowadays, with the majority of people’s lives online.

Now, on to the most important questions! What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Ooh, that’s hard! I think I’m going to go with chocolate, though. At DQ (Dairy Queen – icecream place for those who don’t know), I always get a Peanut Butter Bash, though. That’s vanilla icecream with chocolate and peanut butter syrup + chocolate flakes. It’s amazing!

I also love chocolate, though I can’t eat peanut butter. I’m allergic 😉

What’s your favourite thing about Oregon?

Honestly, there’s not a lot I like about Oregon as a whole, haha. I’m proud of living here, but that’s doesn’t mean I like it.

Seriously, though, Oregon is a great state. I think one of the best things about it is its history. The story of Lewis and Clark and the Pioneers and all that is pretty amazing.

Then there’s also Oregon’s landscape. Not to brag, but it’s beautiful here. Mountains, forests, deserts, farmlands, hills, plains, coast, rivers … we’ve got it all, and it’s pretty gorgeous!

Then … farming. There are lots of farms/ranches in Oregon. People mostly think of the Willamette Valley area when they think of Oregon farming, but we farm everywhere here. Many wheatfields cover the hills – mountains to some Midwesterners! We have huge orchards in my area – again on hillsides. Then there’s a lot of flat area to the south and east … it’s pretty amazing! I especially love the huge acreages where cows graze.

It sounds pretty great to live in a state with all of that cool history. Winds would freak out if she lived there.

Well, last of all – what is some advice you’d like to give to younger authors?

Be yourself as a writer! If your writing follows trends, that’s okay, but never change your writing to be like everyone else! No one will ever be you. I can’t tell you how many books I’ve read that were so similar as to be boring. Don’t let that be your book!

Also, make sure writing is always fun! If it’s not fun, there’s no reason to do it, after all!

Well, guys, that’s ten(ish) questions! Make sure to check out her books The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective! Thanks for being here, Kell!

Thanks for having me, Sel!

Well, I’ll see you guys later with an update on RoS.




Hello, lovelies! I think we’ve just learned by now that promises aren’t kept by bloggers during finals… *cough cough* I failed *cough cough*.

But wow, I think this is something to be celebrated.

I remember when I first joined. I remember the two weeks of persuading my mother to let me have an author blog, the thrill of my first follower, doing Kellyn Roth’s blog tour. That, in my opinion, was the highest honour. Not only was a published author acknowledging my existence, it was a good published author who was my age. Kell had the talent and the determination to do what I couldn’t: publish a book. And I, with maybe five or six folowers who struggled to get their own novel to 10,000 words, was uniquely asked to be a part of the blog tour.

If fetus me could be noticed, so can you ^.^

Anyways, I say all that to say: I’ve come a long way in a year.

Yup. It’s been a year, two days, and about an hour since I created this blog. Who knew? WordPress did, apparently. They sent me a notification two days ago. (Shows you how active I am…)

Anyways, since then, I’ve written three novels. Together, they came to about 70,000 words. In my mind, that was not good. how could that have happened? How was I legitimately so bad at writing that three novels of mine amounted to 70k, while other writers wrote 70k in a single novel? I became so depressed I almost quit writing altogether.

That was when River of Silence presented itself in my face.

Beautiful, wasn’t it? A book that illustrated having beautiful talents, yet still getting lost in the void of invisible. It would follow Aberfa and tell of her journey to the River while trying desperately to be heard by someone, something. Excited, I took to this new idea.

I fell short.

Ironic, isn’t it? When you have a great idea, yet you can’t seem to properly express it, your self-confidence takes a really heavy blow. It drags you into questioning and self-doubt, down into a deep pit of writer’s block that seems bottomless and beginningless.

For at least a month now, I’ve been battling this author’s depression. I’ve heard that writer’s block is tough, yes, but nobody prepared me for this grueling work. Articles claim that all writer’s block is inescapable, but does this paticular dark pit have any defining moments, or is it just a void where you’re not sure if you’re even falling?

Nobody seems to have answers to this. To be honest, neither do I. Maybe there’s another side to this, but it all looks pretty dark – and it has for a while.

But suddenly, it clicked.

Is this not what my main character is feeling?

Is this not what Yina feels?

Later, I might do a character study on Yina. Even better, that might be a part of my blog tour, so I can see how my character looks through someone else’s eyes.

Will I even have a blog tour? I don’t know. I don’t know if this book will ever hit Amazon, or if I’m too small to be noticed by the big people. But all I can do is hope, right?

“Even if hope is useless… if it’s stupid and misleading… if there’s no point to it… in this whole universe, can anybody really do anything but hope?

“We are humans who you can’t even see on the microscope of everything. Hope is all we’ve ever really had.”

I hit a milestone today. As of this minute, River of Silence has 21, 609 words. I’m officially in the middle part of my first story, the story that I will see through to the end. I don’t know if anyone will ever buy it, I don’t know if it will ever even hit the shelves, I don’t know if this struggle is even worth anything.

But man, sometimes it’s fun.

“Aghast, I must wander to the edge of the waters…”


Advertissement and an Update

First, the ad:

Hi guys! Please, please, please check this out. It’s been up for awhile and nobody has joined, but I really want to get this site up and running. It’s a sort of RPG game called Kona Online, based off of the popular anime Sword Art Online. Your character lives in the real world, and they dont even have to know the other characters in their reality. However, they’re all joined together in the world of Kona Online, a full-dive virtual reality game. You don’t have tob e involved in the gaming part, though. You can just roleplay in the real world!

Please check it out, and I hope to see you there!Read More »

New York Videos! Not

Well, my original plan was to show you guys some videos I made while in New York. Not! Apparently I have to upgrade to the Premium plan to do so, which costs $9.00 a month. Since I don’t haave $9.00 a month, guess what? No videos for you!


I’m planning to start up a YouTube channel! In this channel, I would upload videos of my playing (and failing) video games (possibly with a girlfriend, who knows), but I could also upload these New York Videos without a problem!

However, I am lacking a few things in order to start this YouTube channel:

  • Parental Consent (if dan worked around it, I’m sure I could too)
  • Parental Consent (…)
  • Parental Consent (I suppose this is becoming a bit of a problem now, isn’t it?)
  • Talent (whoops)

So I guess I might not start this channel. HOWEVER (here we go again)

I started a JOINT google account with a friend of mine. So could I upload a video through that?

What am I lacking?

Don’t answer that please I need confidence

I’m not sure why I’m telling you this anyways? It’s not like you actually care or anything… but oh well I belileve in me (lol nope)

Signing off for now, I guess!


Why Is it So Dam Cold

No, people, I’m not cursing. I’m on an island, so the “dam” joke applied to the situation.

I walked about two miles today in the cold, unforgiving snow of New York. I got uncountable amounts of ice dropped into my eyes from the sky, and I wrapped my face tightly in my hoodie. My very eyeballs were cold from being out in the 36 degrees of cold.

I honestly don’t understand how you people stand it being so cold so late in the year. Back home, it’s 80 degrees, and here I am wearing 2-3 layers of clothing.

However, despite the cold, I managed to get a few pictures and three videos! I’m going to post them over the course of the next few days, so be on the lookout for some New York action!20170318_070438

A Light in the Darkness. Taken by me on the plane in the wee hours of the morning.20170318_070515

A Strip of Sunrise – taken by me about a half hour afterwards.


sNOW!? – taken by me several hours later.

Hope you enjoyed these!


To the Christian Who is Always Strong, It’s Time to Admit You are Weak.

This goes out to all of the people I know irl. All of them. I’m looking at one of them specifically. Not you, Kathleen.
Thank you, writer, for such a wonderful post.

Christ Centered Girls

People send me letters and messages from all over the world, saying how strong I am and how I have inspired them to be strong too. Although I am flattered by their words, I don’t see it that way. If you only knew that every leap of faith I take has the gift of fear waiting at my door, or that the fight you see me never lose is running off of fumes, you would see that I am really…weak.

When you are a Christian and the world is really a war in disguise, I think we sometimes put this unbearable weight upon our shoulders thinking we have to keep lifting it in order to keep going. Like this boulder is the source of our energy, or the fuel that drives us. That boulder represents all the heart ache, and suffering we go through. As time goes on this…

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